Custom Rafting

Wyo Rivers aims to help connects people to places, ideas, others and themselves through immersive river experiences. Water is the lifeblood of our society. We can’t live without it and all too often, we don’t understand or see our daily connection to it. Each raft trip is a customized experience aimed at meeting your particular goals. We work with school groups, museums, scientists, families, corporate trainings, churches, artists and more. Want to get your group out on the river or need logistical supoprt for a project? Send us an inquiry. All pricing is custom depending on logistics, groups size, group need and other relevant factors. Pricing issued per person, minimums may apply.

See examples of past raft trips and logistical support provided below. 

Group Rafting Trips

School Groups

We’ve worked with various school groups and educational student groups from around the state and country.  Most of these have been day trips lasting from 2 hours to a full day depending on how much time each group has. Some school groups just want to reward their kids for a year well-done and provide something fun to finish out the year or act as a team building. Other groups have had science specific goals and we have facilitated hands on activities to help solidify their hydrologic learnings. Past boyscout and girlscout groups have utilized our guide services to complete their merit badge requirements—complete with throw bag practice wet entry and exit from a raft, learning to maneuver a boat and read water. 

For science focused groups, we work with the teachers or program designers/facilitators to create and present curriculum that meets specific program goals in addition to other river specific education. Curriculum may include geology, ecology, history, hydrology, conservation issues, environmental ethics, critical thinking exercises, creative problem solving, sense of place exercises and more.


decision Makers and Team buildings

Decision makers are often asked to create policies for places and resources they have never seen or experienced directly. Our custom river trips and outfitting services can help change that. We work with non-profit organizations, businesses, community partners, experts, and our network of outfitters to help you create deeper connection to place and jumping-off point for more meaningful conversation. 

This type of exploration of place, concepts, and each other is also an excellent team building opportunity for small businesses, real-estate teams or other teams that find themselves working to accomplish goals day in and day out.

Small group skill building


We provide one on one raft guide training and rowing lessons. Are you looking to get better at reading water and maneuvering a boat on your own? We can help you with that. Maybe you pulled a river permit but have little experience planning the logistics or even floating and are now the “trip leader.” We can help you with that. Tell us what your personal rafting skills development goals are and we can set up practice sessions and share resources to help you accomplish them.