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Basic eligibility Criteria

1. Able to remain seated and balanced while in a whitewater craft while holding on with at least one hand to a raft OR holding a paddle.

2. Able and willing to wear a Type V Coast Guard-approved personal floatation device (maximum chest size of 56 inches). Wearing leg straps may be required to ensure proper fit. Where required, properly wear a helmet.

3. Able to independently board and disembark a boat from a seated position four to ten times each day. This may require stepping into the boat, and then maneuvering your body over and across tubes and fixed objects into a seated position. This may require the ability to sit low in a boat with a spray skirt securing you to the vessel. Participants need to possess the dexterity to remove the spray skirt and exit the boat.

4. Ability to independently move across shoreline terrain, including safely maneuvering around and across wet boulders, rocks, and slippery and uneven surfaces, under low branches, and around vegetation. This includes the ability to maintain your balance near edges and at heights.

5. Independently swim in whitewater or swift currents while wearing a PFD. This includes being an active participant in your own rescue, including having the ability to (a) keep your airway passages sealed while underwater, and regain control of your breathing when being submitted to repeated submersion under waves or currents; (b) orient yourself to new “in-river” surroundings; (c) reposition yourself in the water to different swimming positions; (d) swim aggressively to a boat or to shore in whitewater; (e) receive a rescue rope, paddle, or human assistance, and possibly let go of the same; (f) get out from under an overturned boat.

6. Possess the physical fitness to swim 100 yards in flat water while wearing a PFD.

7. Possess the fitness to assist another passenger who has fallen out of the boat by pulling them back in.

8. Ability to follow both verbal and non-verbal instructions given by guides in all situations, including during stressful or dangerous situations, and to effectively communicate with guides and other guests.

9. Carry personal dry bags and other personal gear (as heavy as 20-30 pounds) uphill or across uneven terrain from the boats to a camping location and back the next morning, independently, or with the assistance of a friend or family member. (This only applies on multi-day trips).

10. Ability to manage all personal care independently, or with the assistance of a friend or family member.

11. If taking prescription medications, have the ability to maintain proper dosage by medicating independently, or with the assistance of a friend or family member.

12. Remain adequately fed, hydrated, and properly dressed so as to avoid environmental injuries such as hypothermia, heat related illness, sunburn and frostbite.